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Built for data interoperability and technological extensibility, xAPI began its life as a learning data specification and has grown into a human performance standard.

Experience intelligence in human capital with Yet Analytics.

A robust platform

"Yet Analytics and the Advanced Distributed Learning Initiative (ADL) of the U.S. DoD... presented an update on the Experience API. The platform supports a pretty robust set of developer resources and is expected to increase the ability to track training and performance analytics, combining data from web and mobile services, virtual reality, video games and simulations, wearables, and the Internet of Things." — Pivotal Blog on events at SXSW Interactive 2016


An xAPI Introduction

This guide will give you insight into how xAPI can be used to track and improve performance and operations in organizations of all size. Consider this your travel guide as you step into the world of xAPI.


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xAPI in L&D

A variety of sources — including web services, wearables, mobile simulations, and serious games — provide learning content and learning opportunities. Now you can track and measure them.


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About xAPI and EI Analytics

“One of the more interesting developments,” said Yet Analytics CEO Shelly Blake-Plock, “is how the whole idea of performance data is being reevaluated. We are seeing clients now who are viewing even things like customer feedback and audience attention spans as aspects of the broader spectrum of human performance across connected and immersive environments.” — quoted in DZone


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