From product set-up to options for partnership, here are the answers to the questions we are most often asked.

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 xAPI and EI Analytics Solutions


Setup and Implementation

Q. I've got an xAPI LRS... now what?

A. Start connecting data sources! You'll find a variety of xAPI-enabled sources now available including xAPIapps, Lectora, Claro, Adobe Capitvate, Moodle and Cornerstone OnDemand. And you can add as many more as you like by connecting through the Experience API. Additionally, xAPI connections to a number of sources including Slack and Pivotal Tracker come standard with Yet's LRS.

Q. Okay, so how do I make the connection with my existing xAPI data sources?

A. Easy. Just open up the "Info" tab in Yet xAPI LRS and copy-and-paste the xAPI Path and the API Key and Secret into your data source via their integration interface.

Q. I've got some data sources which I would like to connect... but they aren't xAPI compliant. What can I do?

A. You could build a connection using the Experience API. Or we could do it for you. We've built amazing xAPI integrations for Unity Game Engine, Android Wear, Bluetooth LE, ATSC 3.0, and a number of products including HubSpot and GitHub. We'd be happy to chat about your project.

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Strategic Planning and Project Design

Q. My organization would like to evaluate whether xAPI is the right choice for us. Can you help?

A. Of course. Yet offers 8 to 12 week projects designed to help you understand how xAPI and EI can help you to meet your goals.

The process includes:

  • a review of current technologies available to augment or extend your capabilities
  • identification and evaluation of the data sources you currently have which could provide value to your project
  • testing a proof of concept to demonstrate the capabilities and potential outcomes of analytics solutions
  • an evaluation of need and a recommended course of action

We would be happy to set up a time to discuss in more detail.

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Q. We're looking for a trusted voice to help guide us through the process of setting up a new learning analytics project. Could Yet help us?

A. Let's chat. Get in touch and we'll dive into the details of your project.

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Engineering and Analysis

Q. We've got some specific engineering and data science needs and are looking for a partner. Can Yet help us move our project forward?

A. We can help you build the analytics solution you've been looking for.

Our capabilities include:

  • data source and raw data preparation
  • xAPI strategy and implementation, including data statement design and the modeling of an xAPI systems architecture
  • advanced implementations with BI tools, non-xAPI data and web services, VR and serious games, wearables and IoT
  • systems testing and development analysis
  • building unique automated and real-time data visualizations
  • statistical and predictive modelling

Let's talk and see how Yet can help you meet your project goals.

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Training and Technical Support

Q. Can Yet help train and support our team in the ways we use xAPI and EI technologies?

A. Absolutely. Whether on the web or in the field, Yet Analytics can provide the training and support you need, including:

  • workshops and bootcamps on xAPI, EI and human capital analytics
  • integrator training for developers and instructional designers
  • developer training focused on data sources, data stores and data consumers
  • specialized technical support for hard problem solutions 

We'd be happy to discuss training and support plans tailored to the unique needs of your team.

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Thought Leadership

Q. We're just getting started down this road. Could Yet provide a workshop or a keynote for a company event?

A. Sure thing. The Yet team has given presentations on learning analytics and experience intelligence to the likes of Amazon and Autodesk, and we've demoed new technologies everywhere from SXSW Interactive to DevLearn to the NAB Show. We'd be happy to put together a presentation for your event.

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Q. We're looking to create a commercial partnership to provide an LRS and xAPI solutions to our clients. Would Yet be interested?

A. Let's talk about it. Yet has developed partnerships with a number of organizations and would be happy to discuss your business objectives.

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