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Solving problems for learning organizations across verticals.


What We Believe


Our Mission

Yet Analytics believes in the value of learning and training to the overall operations and objectives of large organizations. These organizations — both orgs responsible for implementing learning and orgs responsible for building learning technologies — tend to have complex challenges related to data and technology. Our mission is to provide these organizations with the solutions to their data and technology challenges.

Our Vision

We believe that by increasing the accessibility, visibility, and actionability of data, we can increase the capability and capacity of people to take on their missions and drive towards success.

The Verticals we Serve


Defense and Military Learning

Yet Analytics provides innovation in the space of data analytics for distributed and immersive military learning environments.

  • xAPI and Total Learning Architecture
  • Rapid Prototyping and Software Development
  • Analytics for STE and Live-Virtual-Constructive Environments
  • Learning Data Strategy & Design
  • Data Logistics & Integrations
  • Small Business Designation


Learning Technologies B2B

Yet Analytics provides key software and analytics differentiators for major software and technology companies in the learning technologies market.

  • Domain-based Innovation and Rapid Prototyping
  • xAPI Profiles and xAPI Instrumentation
  • Data Visualization and Application Development
  • LRS and Analytics Expertise
  • Learning Data Strategy & Design
  • White Label Software Solutions


Education and L&D

Yet Analytics provides education groups — both schools and corporate talent development departments — with vital technology.

  • Streaming Data Architectures for Learning Ecosystems
  • Data Fusion across Learning and Business Intelligence Systems
  • Learner Profiles and Standards-based Aggregated Learning Analytics
  • Identity Management and Advanced Data Logistics
  • Performance-based Activity and Outcomes Tracking
  • Open Source and COTS Implementation 

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