A Commons for Educator Learning


A Commons for Educator Learning

One of the most valuable yet scarcest resources we have in our school systems is teacher time. Inundated with countless demands--lesson planning, preparing materials, meeting with families, after school meetings and functions, and teaching itself--teachers are left with very limited, precious time to spend on arguably one of the most needed activities: professional development.

But when educators do get time to develop their skills, the content and resources readily available to them are often not relevant to the specific skill and level they need. And if educators resort to search engines like Google to find more tailored, specific content, they'll have to master the science of using the right set and permutation of keywords, which will still only lead to few helpful resources buried in pages and pages of unrelated content. Bottom line: it is too difficult and time-consuming for educators to efficiently find what they need.

The right professional learning content is not reaching the right educators at the right time.

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