Clark's Quest: Find Next Best Broadcast Tech


Clark's Quest: Find Next Best Broadcast Tech

"As head of NAB's Pilot program, John Clark is using his background in technology, new media and education to root out people and companies that may have some benefit for broadcasting as it attempts to reinvent itself for the digital age. His mantra: "What are things that we can do that serve our local communities, but at the same time continue to make us have great, growing and viable businesses?"

...But the most part, Pilot is not driven by the need to invest, Clark says. The pay-off of his efforts will come in other forms.

"We can work with companies on [NAB] projects using their ideas or technologies on test projects, prototypes or pilots. For example, Yet Analytics was a part of our Pilot Home Gateway at the NAB Show showing how to capture and display tracking data of usage of the Gateway.

"We can introduce new ideas and the people working on them to NAB members through presentations, gatherings, conferences and in many cases, one-on-one connections. We’ve had companies talk to our committee about location-based marketing and beacons, OTT delivery, and programmatic advertising, as just a few examples.""

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