CTE Makeover Challenge - Meet our Review Panel


CTE Makeover Challenge - Meet our Review Panel

"We are delighted to share that we received an outstanding 298 second round Blueprint submissions from the schools participating in the CTE Makeover Bootcamp. Throughout the Bootcamp, schools further developed and refined their makerspace plans to turn their vision for a makerspace into a reality. 

To help the judges review the tremendous number of Blueprint submissions, we assembled a panel of making experts from across industry, academia, the arts, and makerspace leadership. Their knowledge of makerspace best practices has provided the judges invaluable insight as they make their recommendations for honoree selection. We are honored to have so many making champions join the panel, and would like to extend a huge thank you to them for generously providing their time to the Challenge."

Yet Analytics co-founder Margaret Roth served as one of the review panelists. 

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