Global City Team Challenge Tech Jam


Global City Team Challenge Tech Jam

February 2, 2015

"The focus of this challenge is to provide immediate and enhanced information and feedback to emergency and medical response teams in the debriefing session concluding a complex, live-action, multi-team (e.g. emergency response, pre-hospital, surgical and post-op) simulation. Leveraging an extensible, interoperable system based on open specifications that dynamically collects and analyzes performance (big) data from multiple, networked devices in real-time, this system will track the activity of these professionals while engaged the live action simulation for immediate or latent analysis and display.

The goal is improved learning, reflection and performance support in the debriefing session or in situ to ultimately improve patient care. Providing dynamic data collection and display by linking devices to people to actions for improved learning at the point of need from simulations by medical and emergency response teams in crisis situations can potentially improve their ability to learn, to perform and to respond efficiently and effectively to keep our citizens and their families safe and healthy. "

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