Here are the tech stacks used by 9 Baltimore companies


Here are the tech stacks used by 9 Baltimore companies

We were recently catching up with some leaders of realLIST startups and Super Meetup attendees we posed a question: What’s your tech stack?

From Milt Reder, VP of Engineering, Yet Analytics:

“Everything in our tech stack runs on AWS. On AWS we deploy our applications into containers, all of our applications are written in Clojure on the JVM, and Clojurescript for the browser and nodejs. We have a continuous integration flow, meaning that as our team is writing code it is automatically tested and deployed. We use a variety of databases from postgres to Amazon DynamoDB to Datomic.”

“Clojure gives us the opportunity to write for a bunch of different environments with similar, or in many cases, the same, source code, making our dev team super efficient. Containers like Docker let us deploy easily and securely and AWS makes things not easy, but consistent and scalable. One of the things that we’re really excited about right now is AWS Lambda, which uses a serverless model, and we’ve deployed both Clojure and Clojurescript to it with great results.”

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