Here's who won the Beta City Venture Pitch Day


 Here's who won the Beta City Venture Pitch Day

October 2, 2015

"A giant sign reading "Made in America" loomed over Shelly Blake-Plock. In front of him was a group of investors from some of Maryland's top venture capital firms.

But the founder of Baltimore big data firm Yet Analytics was looking beyond both the state and the country.

“I want to create a big company that makes big change in the world,” he said emphatically.

The ambition and passion typified the Venture Pitch Day, which was primarily organized by Betamore. The event kicked off Beta City, a daylong event that let the public into City Garage in Port Covington for the first time, and was organized by Betamore, Plank Industries, and Startup Maryland. It was the culminating event ofBaltimore Innovation Week.

The day was a celebration of Baltimore’s startup community, and served as likely the best opportunity of the year for folks from all sides of the tech scene to get together in one room.

As a result, however, it was also a reflection that the startups that make up the scene are looking beyond the boundaries of the city as they build their products.

During the Yet Analytics pitch, for instance, Blake-Plock made the case that the big data analytics and interoperability platform the team is building at the Emerging Technology Centers’ 33rd Street campus could help the biggest companies.

At the same time, however, he said, “Everything is built in Baltimore.”