ICICLE: A Consortium for Learning Engineering

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What Is Learning Engineering?

It has been 50 years since Nobel laureate Herb Simon, a Carnegie Mellon University professor and expert in artificial intelligence, called for a new field of technical competence in the learning domain that he called learning engineering. Today, many disciplines within the learning domain need engineering and development expertise. At the same time, engineers working in the development of learning technologies increasingly benefit from a background in learning science and pedagogy. At the intersection of these needs and benefits sits the field of learning engineering.

Despite exponential growth in the development of learning technologies, there has been relatively little support specific to the professional development of the engineers designing, building, and deploying new learning technologies. These professionals require a unique skill set that merges engineering and systems thinking with learning science and theories of human development. The IEEE IC Industry Consortium on Learning Engineering (ICICLE) was formed to define and support this burgeoning field and to advocate for the development of both the professional and academic disciplines of learning engineering.

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