Meet the group of neighbors spearheading West Baltimore’s innovation district


Meet the group of neighbors spearheading West Baltimore's innovation district

"Right in the geographic center of Baltimore, a group of Reservoir Hill neighbors have grown fond of the area’s historic homes and its proximity to Druid Hill Park. But the community of people from all walks of life has proven to be the real draw. After spending several years convening residents in the wider Central West Baltimore area, they learned that their own pocket isn’t unique.“It became very clear that the creative class and innovation economy was really our core competency here in this part of the city and what could really generate the biggest outcome for our future,” said Dale Terrill, who is vice president of the board of the Mount Royal Community Development Corporation (MRCDC), a group formed by the neighbors to put a strategy behind that insight.

Now MRCDC is sponsoring a framework for economic development that puts startups and small businesses at the center of revitalization."