NAB's Pilot Plan


NAB's Pilot Plan

"WASHINGTON—“No broadcaster left behind” could be the moniker of the National Association of Broadcasters’ newly renamed investment arm, a move that recognizes that this association of broadcasters can no longer just be about broadcasting.

"The then-NAB Labs made investments in a number of startups that were developing technologies that would be beneficial for broadcast. In January, just prior to announcing the name change, NAB Labs made public its investment in Yet Analytics, a Baltimore startup that provides technology platforms for the collection and analysis of data within Fortune 500 companies and other large organizations. The essence of the technology is that it can simplify and leverage so-called “big data” analytics. “Here there was this notion of big data and this sort of multiplatform measurement,” Matheny said.

According to Yet Analytics CEO Shelly Blake-Plock, broadcasters will continue to see an increase in the number of data sources and the variety of data types now being produced across industries. “It is in this environment that the real-time collection and analysis of performance metrics will provide game-changing insight into the way that businesses function in a fully-immersive digital world,” he said."

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