Pivotal's Build Newsletter: SXSW Showcases Technology’s Impact On Culture


Pivotal's Build Newsletter: SXSW Showcases Technology’s Impact On Culture

"SXSW is an inspiring example of how technology has become ingrained into our culture. No longer just a social media and technology show, the event has evolved to become one of the biggest cultural events of the year. It is an event where some of today’s great software companies, like Twitter, Foursquare, GroupMe (now part of Skype/Microsoft), and Glancee (now part of Facebook) have stepped on stage, and SXSW has helped catalyze them to become world influencers in many ways. The event even attracts world leaders like President Obama to speak on the cultural importance of technology permeating all aspects of government, commerce and our economy.

So, this week’s BUILD Newsletter highlights the bits and bytes which stood out in Austin, including the President’s keynote, and some of the incredible innovations showcased at the event such as apps that will feed the hungry, voice-based interactions that allow people silenced by ALS to communicate, and how big data and advanced analytics are making new waves in government.

DZone reported on big data startup Yet Analytics and the Advanced Distributed Learning Initiative (ADL) of the U.S. DoD, who presented an update on the Experience API. The platform supports a pretty robust set of developer resources and is expected to increase the ability to track training and performance analytics, combining data from web and mobile services, virtual reality, video games and simulations, wearables, and the Internet of Things."

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