Yet Analytics Positioned To Grow As Spending On Corporate Training Rises


Yet Analytics Positioned To Grow As Spending On Corporate Training Rises

May 18, 2015

"ORLANDO — Work in America, across just about every industry, is becoming more dynamic and fast–paced, yet the skill– sets of many employees in an ever–changing competitive environment are far from being considered razor–sharp by training experts.

The deep recession has played a role in creating rustiness among work forces. Generally, when the economy pulls back, businesses and organizations look to slice their investments in employee training.

When the recovery sets in, businesses begin to invest again in their human capital. And spending on corporate training started rebounding two years ago, when it grew by 15 percent, to the tune of more than $70 billion in America and over $130 billion worldwide. It was the highest growth rate in seven years, according to research by the advisory firm Bersin by Deloitte.

Now, companies and organizations are scrambling to close the skills–gap among their employee ranks as the economy heats up and global competition intensifies in many business segments.

“Every organization has to train its people,” said Shelly Blake– Plock, the president and chief executive officer of Yet Analytics Inc. in Baltimore, whose company helps organizations leverage “big data” to measure the business impact of their training programs, including their return on investment and the effectiveness of their learning initiatives."

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