Yet xAPI LRS Mobile


Yet Analytics Mobile Deployment


with up to 4TB of redundant storage in the form-factor of a laptop.

Large scale rackmounted deployments are also available.


Deploy xAPI in any environment.


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Access Experience Intelligence Off the Grid


Yet's Mobile On-Premise solution is an ADL certified xAPI LRS running on a robust Linux platform provided in the form-factor of a go-anywhere laptop. Lightweight and able to be deployed in any environment — including in the most demanding enterprise and government contexts — you can now capture data and access learning analytics anywhere and sync up once you get home. All customers have access to Yet's training resources, world class customer service and premium support.





Yet's xAPI user interface features interactive analytics, automated data visualization, leaderboards, outlier identification charts, directed network graphs, and a powerful CSV template creator and data exporter 



Featuring immutable data and an ACID-compliant database, Yet Analytics built the first commercial xAPI LRS to be certified xAPI conformant by the Advanced Distributed Learning Initiative of the U.S. Department of Defense



Built open architecture to support advanced data viz applications, machine learning enabled automated KPI reporting, and activity stream integrations and stream processing as well as advanced data management for xAPI.



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