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From learner experience to competency mapping to data logistics, Yet can help assess and build the learning ecosystem solutions your organization needs.

Data Assessment

Assessment of an organization’s existing learning ecosystem and design recommendations for the most efficient and effective approach to the implementation of xAPI, based on business objectives and current learning technology infrastructure.

Competency Frameworks

Design of a competency framework to enable an organization to measure the learner’s journey toward proficiency, and ultimately mastery, of competencies associated with professional development programming. A competency framework can be developed for each role (e.g., seller) and/or each content topic area (e.g., cyber security) to measure a learner’s progress toward mastery of the role or topic.

Taxonomies and Analytics Profiles

Development of a domain-specific taxonomy, or an xAPI Profile, to ensure consistency and interoperability between tools and organizations. xAPI profiles provide a way to represent domain specific concerns in a standardized format, and ensure semantic interoperability aligned to the specific activity data produced within a learning technology ecosystem.

xAPI Integration

Design and deployment of xAPI integrations for components of an organization’s learning ecosystem that do not produce xAPI data natively. Each integration is customized as the Yet engineering team determines the best way to translate the native data into compliant and high-resolution xAPI statements, tailored to your organization’s needs.

Advanced Analytics

Provide domain-based predictive analytics and visualization solutions, with particular expertise at the intersection of learning, social, and economic data both on-the-ground and at macro scale.

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