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xAPI Profile Design and Development

We’ve learned that people want their own xAPI Profiles. So, we started designing xAPI Profiles for our LRS customers. Now we’re offering this service to everyone.

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xAPI Profile Design and Development

Model your learning and training domain in xAPI.

For an example of a Yet-designed xAPI Profile, see what we built for a component of the Tactical Casualty Care Course.

Yet Analytics provides custom xAPI Profile design and development. xAPI Profiles help clarify vocabularies and simplify the content authoring process. They also provide the ability to model learning activity within any domain — which means better metrics, more meaningful analytics, and more insightful reporting.

We've helped our LRS customers align learning and training activity to business metrics for years. Now, we're opening up the opportunity for anyone using xAPI — no matter what LRS they use — to engage with us and benefit from deep expertise in xAPI Profile design and development. If you are looking to deploy xAPI across the enterprise, it is essential that you understand and leverage the capabilities of xAPI Profiles.

From LRP to LRC: A High-Level View of an xAPI Ecosystem

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We provide the means to support scalability

Blending the strength of our product portfolio with expertise and a proven ability to solve the toughest problems in learning ecosystem architecture, data fusion, and advanced analytics, Yet Analytics has provided technology solutions to demanding clients across sectors.

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