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We build and implement solutions based on customer needs.

Our Solutions

Yet Analytics provides clients with a choice of three types of solutions.

  • In-stream Solutions: These solutions are designed to augment and enhance your existing learning and data systems. Our teams can work on or off site.
  • Transformative Solutions: These are multi-year transformational solutions for enterprise scale built from the ground up. Yet will work with you to design and implement digital transformation and innovation across your learning org.
  • A la Carte Solutions: Choose technology products from Yet's award-winning portfolio — such as the Apache 2.0 DAVE framework — and implement on your stack. Need support? We can help you deploy and provide managed services to maintain your solution.


Our Approach

Our approach is straightforward and effective. Whether implementing an in-stream solution or taking on a major transformation, there are four common components that comprise an engagement with Yet Analytics.

  1. We begin with a Data Assessment because we need to understand your current state if we're going to be able to help you get to where you want to be.
  2. Once we get the go-ahead, we Design and Prototype a solution. This will usually involve a mix of services and products. We employ open source and COTS from our own product portfolio where it makes sense. We build custom software when it makes sense to do that.
  3. Then we beta test and prep your solution for production Implementation. We'll work with your team during this phase to make sure they are ready to manage and administer the solution.
  4. Then after we launch the production implementation of the solution, we will provide the Support and Maintenance necessary to sustain it.

We ensure that there are meaningful deliverables at the end of each phase. While each project has different requirements, the following matrix provides a representative illustration of the scope and sequence of an in-stream solution.


Our Sequence

1. Data Assessment

  • Stakeholder Needs Assessment

  • IT Requirements Assessment

  • Data Visualization Mockups

  • Data Gap Analysis

  • Up to 3 months

2. Design and Prototyping

  • Prototype Design

  • Prototype Acceptance Criteria

  • Software Development

  • Prototype Delivery

  • Up to 9 months

3. Implementation of Technology

  • Beta Prototype Iteration/Testing

  • Production Design/Dev

  • Production Delivery

  • Documentation and Training

  • Up to 6 months

4. Support & Maintenance

  • Technical Support

  • Feature & Capabilities Iteration

  • Ongoing Training

  • Product Maintenance and Ops

  • Annual Contract

What are your challenges?


Our Objective

childimageOur objective is that you meet your objectives.

In creating your data technology solutions, it is most important that we understand the unique challenges, goals, and expectations of your organization. We believe that our suite of solutions provides the right options for clients looking to maximize effectiveness.


Our Promise

We pride ourselves in providing solutions that solve real problems and we promise to do so cost-effectively and with an eye towards limiting technical debt, risk, and vendor lock-in. We can deploy in any environment online or off and in the Cloud or on-prem. We work with your IT and CISO departments to ensure compliance with privacy and cybersecurity protocols. And we provide ongoing support including maintenance and training to support the growth of your solution within your enterprise. 

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