Mission control for learning
and performance.



Visualize all your learning and performance data in real time with the Yet xAPI LRS. Use the analytics dashboard to measure learning activity, resource use, and engagement showing the impact of your learning
investment, evaluate the effectiveness of learning resources, and connect your learning initiatives directly to performance outcomes.

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Interactive Dashboards and Data Visualization, Leaderboards and Outlier Identification, Network Graphs to enhance Data Discovery, Customizable Exportable CSV Reports 



Entirely HTTPS, Immutable Data, ACID-compliant Database, Complete Read-Write Separation, Built for Secure Deployment into even the most demanding Enterprise IT Environments



Mobile and On-prem Deployments, Machine Learning for Custom KPI Reporting, Data Architecture and Stream Processor Integrations Management, Automated Integrations Management 

All plans come with an ADL conformant xAPI LRS. Enterprise plans come with a 99.5% uptime SLA. All subscribers have access to training resources, world class customer service and premium support. 

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Data is retained for 30 days.

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