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The world's most visual learning record store.


Experience Yet

The world's first commercial xAPI LRS certified by the Advanced Distributed Learning Initiative.

"A very strong LRS... just a winner in so many ways." — Ranked #1 by the Craig Weiss Group

Collect and analyze activity, learning, behavior and performance. Gain insight into engagement, learning effectiveness, information use and team behaviors. Yet's xAPI LRS features a real-time activity stream, query filtering, interactive analytics, automated data visualizations, network graphs and a dashboard reporting system including data export.


Platform Components


xAPI LRS: The Learning Record Store is at the core of the Yet xAPI LRS. Plug in your xAPI activity and learning record providers from Adobe, Lectora, and Moodle and start collecting experiences.

xAPI Analytics Engine: Our premiere analytics engine provides the ability to run the same functions on the client and on the server, facilitating flexible offload of local versus server-side analysis. And our implementation of Datascript allows for local availability of data as though it were on-prem — giving data analysts the power to run queries locally and securely on a SaaS deployment.

xAPI Data Viz: Beautiful and accessible automated data visualizations come with the Business Tier of the Yet xAPI LRS.  



Yet Data Store: Data in the Yet xAPI LRS is stored in an ACID compliant data store which ensures data consistency and reliability. Our lightweight schema is easily adapted and updated. And our data store maintains the data flexibility of a document DB but with more efficient storage and enhanced security thanks to the separation of queries and data transactions.

xAPI SaaS Bridges: Every instance of the Yet xAPI LRS comes with a number of bridges which allow you to automatically connect and capture experience data from 3rd party sources. We’re constantly building new bridges, and our current package includes extensions for Slack, Heroku, GitHub, Pivotal Tracker, and Travis CI.

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