Yet Adapter

The fastest, easiest way to transform
your existing data into xAPI data.

Yet Adapter makes it easy to merge existing data sets with high-resolution learning activity data. Transform spreadsheet data – from any source – into the state-of-the-art xAPI data specification.

With an intuitive interface, live data previews, real-time statement validation, and cross-LRS compatibility, the Yet Adapter makes it easy to turn the data you have into the data you want. Yet Adapter is the fastest way to get your current data into any Learning Record Store without
having to build a technical integration.

Interested in a demo? Check out this walkthrough video. 

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  • Intuitive visual approach to data transformation
  • Drag-and-drop interface
  • Live previews of data transformations
  • Real-time xAPI statement validation
  • No CSV templates required
  • Transformed xAPI data can be sent to any Learning Record Store
  • Free to use for basic xAPI statement conversion

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