Yet LXi

An xAPI-powered content portal for modern learners.

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  • Collect content from any web-based source, on the open internet and internal platforms

  • Tag content by keyword, category, and/or competency system

  • Curate and share multi-source learning content playlists

  • Surface related content to help learners discover the most relevant content

  • Complete xAPI instrumentation injects traceability and measurability into informal learning

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Yet’s Learning Experience Interface (LXi) is a modern, intuitive portal where learners can search, access, and engage with learning content curated by your learning and development team from any source on the internet or your intranet. The portal is fully xAPI-enabled to capture high-resolution learning and performance data in order to provide executives, managers, and individuals with learning analytics in real time. The LXi’s robust learning analytics are powered by a unique, organization-
specific data model that can incorporate competency frameworks, skill maps, and other evaluation models alongside standard engagement and performance data. A variety of custom features, such as content recommendations, assessment tools, and custom career pathways can be incorporated into your organization’s LXi. The Yet LXi is the best way to unify both your learner experience and your learning analytics.

Read about the Learning Commons, the first LXi implementation, in this press release.