Unifying the Data of the Connected World

Get insights across multiple disparate and non-traditional data sources in real time.


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Connect and Visualize Your Data

Bring together the data streams from the tools your organization is already using to see patterns across workflows, tools, and time.

Yet's multi-platform datacasting dashboard helps you get real-time insights across multiple datasets, including sources like web services, data repos, wearables, IoT, and virtual reality.


Discover the Patterns in Your Data

Gain New Insights Across Multiple Datasets

See what parts of a project are getting touched the most; who's collaborating when; identify patterns of success and areas for growth.

Use the data you already collect to better understand how your organization works and how they could work better, together.


  Get Insights Into Your Organization

What data do you need unified?

Every organization has problems they could solve, ways they could optimize, if they could just get quicker, clearer insights from the data they're already collecting.

We work with organizations to help them solve this problem; we design data architecture solutions, build data bridges, and get organizations the insights they need to improve their operations.


Unify Your Data  



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