Core Capabilities

Our expertise informs the solutions we provide to customers across sectors.

Yet Analytics

Data Architecture

Establish your data models, policies, rules, and standards governing how data is collected, stored, integrated, and made useful. Yet Analytics will guide you through a Data Assessment comprised of a stakeholder needs analysis and IT requirements assessment and then will provide a report containing proposed data design and data visualization as well as a data gap analysis based on your organization's objectives.


Data Fusion

Combine multiple data sources to produce more useful information and insights than could be provided by any individual data source. Yet Analytics will provide a software and systems prototype design and develop a complete solution leveraging open source, COTS, and Yet's own hosted products. We will build new custom software as necessary to fulfill your objectives. The focus is on deep integration and meaningful implementation. This is not a one-size-fits all approach. This is an approach based on experience and data science. The result is Mission Control.


Data Analytics

Discover, interpret, and report meaningful patterns in data and then apply those patterns to effective decision making.  With a production Mission Control system built to your needs, you will have the ability to create new insights, efficiencies, and innovations. Your system may include any variety of dashboards, panorama design, automated visualizations, and predictive analytics. We have experience implementing advanced machine learning algorithms, neural network design, and Deep Learning models and we will work with you to design, develop, and implement the right solutions.  And Yet Analytics will continue to support you through software updates, maintenance, robust documentation, and training.

Project DAVE

Defense and Military Learning

Yet Analytics provides innovation in the space of data analytics for distributed and immersive military learning environments.

  • xAPI and Total Learning Architecture
  • Rapid Prototyping and Software Development
  • Analytics for STE and Live-Virtual-Constructive Environments
  • Learning Data Strategy & Design
  • Data Logistics & Integrations
  • Small Business Designation
Yet Analytics

Learning Technologies B2B

Yet Analytics provides key software and analytics differentiators for major software and technology companies in the learning technologies market.

  • Domain-based Innovation and Rapid Prototyping
  • xAPI Profiles and xAPI Instrumentation
  • Data Visualization and Application Development
  • LRS and Analytics Expertise
  • Learning Data Strategy & Design
  • White Label Software Solutions
Yet Analytics

Education and L&D

Yet Analytics provides education groups — both schools and corporate talent development departments — with vital technology.

  • Streaming Data Architectures for Learning Ecosystems
  • Data Fusion across Learning and Business Intelligence Systems
  • Learner Profiles and Standards-based Aggregated Learning Analytics
  • Identity Management and Advanced Data Logistics
  • Performance-based Activity and Outcomes Tracking
  • Open Source and COTS Implementation


Our Experience

We have built frameworks and deployed prototypes for defense research, have provided white labeled software for commercial deployment in business-to-business relationships, and have provided products and services directly to customers across industry, education, and international sectors. 


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