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Yet's xAPI Learning Record Store is ranked #1 and is the first to be certified by the Advanced Distributed Learning Initiative. 

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Product Focus: The Yet xAPI Learning Record Store with Interactive Analytics

The Yet xAPI LRS is the world's first commercial LRS to be certified by ADL.

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Combining the xAPI LRS with an analytics and data visualization engine purpose built for experience data, Yet provides a dynamic and interactive analytics platform contributing insight into the operational optimization of talent through the real-time visualization of trends in engagement, learning, information usage and team behaviors.


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Yellow are people. Blue are the things they do. 

Experience intelligence in human capital with Yet Analytics.

"By incorporating new technologies, companies can continually analyze employees’ performance at a deeper level. Yet Analytics offers a platform that gives decision-makers all the information they need about multiple facets of the company."

— Entrepreneur Magazine


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Greater Insight

Leverage semantic data to know what engagement really looks like.

Learning Effectiveness

More Visibility

Capture formative growth, query and compare learning experiences.

Information Use

Superior Access

Develop an auditable emergent model of information use.

Team Behaviors

Quick Discovery

Spot talent outlier trends in your network in real-time, analyze knowledge flow.

Your intelligence is beautiful.

Yet leverages xAPI and standards-based open source technologies to provide unparalleled access into the big opportunity of human performance data.

Experience intelligence in human capital with Yet Analytics.

"A platform... to identify trends and patterns of behavior... and to use this people data to improve operational outcomes."

— Bloomberg


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Put Big Data to Work...

"The data collection and analysis tools that Yet Analytics has developed offer a range of applications... Yet Analytics puts big data to work for companies."

Sam Matheny, CTO of the National Association of Broadcasters

...And Make it Possible

"This will allow interoperable collection, management, and visualization of learning data... making it possible to collect data when and where learning occurs."

Beth Rabbitt, CEO of The Learning Accelerator

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Experience intelligence in human capital with Yet Analytics.

Inaugural winner of the Nielsen Data Visionary Award at TechCrunch Disrupt San Francisco 2015.


"In recognition of their unique platform that allows users... to measure and improve performance." — James Powell, CTO at Nielsen 



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