Yet Analytics delivers mission control to learning organizations.

By increasing the accessibility, visibility, and actionability of data, we can increase the capability and capacity of people to take on their own missions.

Yet Analytics


Modernize your data ecosystem.

Unusable data costs organizations an enormous amount in money and lost opportunity each year. Learning organizations are particularly at risk because the impact of data can be so high but the capabilities to manage and make sense of the data can be stretched so thin. That's where Yet Analytics comes in.

Yet Analytics


Our Mission

Our mission is to provide learning organizations with the solution to their data problems. We call this Mission Control.


Yet Analytics
Yet Analytics

Our Approach

Yet Analytics provides data solutions to learning organizations across sectors. We provide data architecture and data fusion services and we build and implement data analytics software including our award-winning xAPI products. Our customers value readiness, preparedness, education, and capacity at scale.

Yet Analytics

Clients include defense and military learning organizations, corporations providing learning technology software, and education organizations ranging from K12 school districts to national ministries of education to higher ed, workforce development, and corporate L&D providers.



Our Value

Proven expertise across industries makes us particularly valuable to our clients.


Defense and Military Learning

Yet Analytics provides innovation in the space of data analytics for distributed and immersive military learning environments.

Learning Technologies B2B

Yet Analytics provides key software and analytics differentiators for major software and technology companies in the learning technologies market.

Education and L&D

Yet Analytics provides education groups — both schools and corporate talent development departments — with vital technology.

Yet Analytics