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Connect your learning ecosystem to Yet's xAPI LRS and get clear, up-to-date reporting on learning and performance. 

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The Yet xAPI LRS

The Yet xAPI LRS unifies and visualizes data from across your learning ecosystem with automated and interactive analytics dashboards, so you can measure the impact of your learning and talent programs. 

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Turn siloed learning data into interoperable, operational business intelligence.


Open API Implementation


Automated Reporting 


This will allow interoperable collection, management, and visualization of learning data... making it possible to collect data when and where learning occurs. 

– Beth Rabbitt, CEO

Yet is a key software product central to the modern enterprise learning system.

Connect using our open API. Get real-time data reports. Watch as data statements turn into learner profiles.


We provide the option of an out-of-the-box deployment which can be set up in about 10 minutes. And we provide a full-service deployment to accommodate for a variety of enterprise security or IT protocols. Our SaaS deployments are hosted on AWS and are the fastest in the industry.



I just created an account, configured LCMS, launched some test content, and the test statements appeared. There were no issues at all. Our first integration test was easy! Woo hoo!

— Kirby Bell, Talent Management Solutions


Yet produces business results that save time and resources.


Identifying Hot Topics, Influencers, and Time Sinks in User Forums

Analysis of users’ interactions with a technical question and answer forum is used to identify topics that may warrant additional training or performance support materials, identify subject matter experts and users that may need an individual learning intervention to help them succeed.


Reimagining Progress Reports for Mastery Based Education

Because KLS tracks mastery instead of letter grades and groups students by independence level instead of age, a new kind of reporting system is needed to show student progress. Yet Analytics is building a student-facing dashboard that pulls data from digital and in-person learning activity to provide a unified view of student progress at KLS. 


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