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DATASIM is a new open source project providing the ability to simulate learning activity and generate large scale xAPI data for the purpose of evaluating xAPI data design, testing xAPI Profile conformance, and stress-testing the capability of a learning technology ecosystem.

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We solve the toughest problems in data analytics for the world's most demanding learning and training organizations

Leaders in Innovation

Yet Analytics is the leader in next-gen learning and training analytics for national defense. We are responsible for building the Data Analytics and Visualization Environment for the Advanced Distributed Learning Initiative at the US Department of Defense.

Trusted Technology Partners

We have provided learning analytics technology solutions across verticals including in cybersecurity, manufacturing, and virtual reality. Our tech stack provides data analytics capabilities to platforms serving millions of learners.

Who We've Worked With

Department of Defense Advanced Distributed Learning Air Force Navy
HP Intel The Learning Accelerator National Association of Broadcasters EC Council

Winner of the Nielsen Data Visionary Award at TechCrunch Disrupt SF

Neilsen Tech Crunch

Products and Services Purpose-built for xAPI

From LRS implementation to xAPI Profile design, Yet Analytics provides world-class learning and training data capabilities


Yet Analytics has built a modular suite of interoperable software products and a portfolio of expert capabilities that facilitate every part of the xAPI learning technology ecosystem — from inputs to storage to outputs — providing a complete solution for modern learning and training analytics.

We know Learning Record Stores. Yet’s LRS was the first to successfully pass the ADL LRS Test Suite.


Yet Analytics is the leader in xAPI Profile design and development. Trust the team that built the Calibration Profile for the testing and evaluation of learning ecosystems.

Yet Publications and Articles

Sharing best practices and the most current findings from applied research

xAPI: A Guide for Technical Implementers

Edited by Shelly Blake-Plock

“xAPI is an application programming interface which allows software applications to exchange data regarding human activity. Designed for the domain of learning, xAPI enables the capture of data about human performance and its context.”

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Modernizing Learning - Building the Future Ecosystem

Analytics and Visualization chapter by Shelly Blake-Plock

“The ADL Initiative recently released Modernizing Learning: Building the Future Learning Ecosystem. This open-access publication examines the shift needed to our systems and society to enable lifelong, experiential, interconnected learning journeys.”

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Data Analytics and Visualization Environment for xAPI and the Total Learning Architecture: DAVE Learning Analytics Algorithms

Produced by Yet Analytics

“This report introduces a language for defining the functionality of learning analytics algorithms in terms of Operations, Primitives and Algorithms which will be used to define Algorithms corresponding to an initial set of learning analytics questions.”

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Benefits of xAPI Profiles Extend Across Development Teams

Written by Shelly Blake-Plock and William Hoyt

“The xAPI profile is one of the most important components of the xAPI ecosystem. Profiles serve as xAPI schema—translations of structures defined in the xAPI specification into a format that computers can read.”

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