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Successful learning organizations are leveraging advanced technology and data solutions to tackle complex challenges.

Yet Analytics

Welcome to Yet Analytics


Our Technology Solutions

Yet Analytics is a leading provider of data technology solutions to learning and training organizations in the U.S. Federal Government, to commercial Learning Technology companies, and to Education and L&D providers in the U.S. and abroad.


Our Core Capabilities

Our portfolio of capabilities includes software and solutions built to support learning organizations and learning technology companies in the implementation of advanced data architecture, data fusion, and data analytics.

 Yet Analytics

Our Mission

Yet Analytics believes in the value of learning and training to the overall operations and objectives of large organizations. These organizations — both orgs responsible for implementing learning and orgs responsible for building learning technologies — tend to have complex challenges related to data and technology. Our mission is to provide these organizations with the solutions to their data and technology challenges.


Our Vision

We believe that by increasing the accessibility, visibility, and actionability of data, we can increase the capability and capacity of people to take on their missions and drive towards success.


Yet Analytics
Yet Analytics

Yet Analytics

Our Approach

Clients bring us their most complex problems. Yet Analytics begins by helping them to assess their needs. Then we design and build software solutions — often leveraging open source and the code comprising our robust portfolio of data architecture, fusion, and analytics solutions. The next step is to implement the technology and then provide ongoing evaluation, support, and maintenance.


Our Clients

We help learning organizations solve problems. Our clients include defense and military learning organizations, learning technology software companies, and education organizations ranging from K12 school districts and national ministries of education to higher ed, workforce development, and corporate L&D providers.


Our Values

We are deeply dedicated to learning and we bring real experience. We're humbled to have been honored with the Nielsen Data Visionary Award at TechCrunch Disrupt. And we are a small business, we build all of our technology on-shore and in-house, and our headquarters are in Baltimore, Maryland.


We Have a Background in Education

Yet Analytics was founded by educators, designers, and educational technologists from The Johns Hopkins University in Baltimore, Maryland.


We Have Standards

We are active participants in standards bodies and our leadership chairs both the IEEE Learning Technology Standards Committee Technical Advisory Group on xAPI and the IEEE IC Industry Consortium on Learning Engineering.


We are Trusted Advisors

Yet Analytics' leadership sat on the Data Solutions Roundtable at the Global Partnership for Education, an international organization working with 65 developing countries. Our founder is also a charter member of the Advanced Distributed Learning Academy hosted by the U.S. DoD and the University of Memphis.


We Build Technology Solutions

Yet Analytics has built and implemented software and technology solutions for large and complex clients including the U.S. DoD and Fortune 500 companies. We are venture backed and our products include the Data Analytics and Visualization Environment currently under development for the Advanced Distributed Learning Initiative's Total Learning Architecture program at the U.S. DoD.

Yet Analytics