Experience API (xAPI)

xAPI increases the ability to measure outcomes in learning and training. And because xAPI tracks event-based data, it's perfect both for keeping track of formative learning and for keeping track of the health and usability of your learning technology ecosystem.

xAPI Resources




As part of our commitment to data interoperability and the ongoing adoption of xAPI, Yet Analytics provides some of the best free resources as well as open source code for developers.

Yet xAPI Adapter

Yet's xAPI Adapter is a free application providing a drag-and-drop functionality to help you get data from a csv into an xAPI LRS. It automatically validates the data so that everything "just works".


Yet xAPI Validator

Yet's free and open source web tool for generating and validating xAPI data statements in real-time. Ideal and simple service for developers and instructional designers. Available on GitHub.




Yet Analytics has significant expertise in xAPI.


  • We were the first commercial organization to provide a Learning Record Store that successfully passed the ADL's xAPI LRS Test Suite.
  • We provided the first comprehensive data assessment of the state of the ADL's Total Learning Architecture including all xAPI design and related assets serving both adaptive learning technologies and recommendation engines.
  • Our founder is chair of the IEEE Learning Technology Standards Committee's Technical Advisory Group on xAPI and was managing editor of its first technical report on xAPI implementation.
  • We contributed to the original xAPI specification and we are members of the IEEE P9274.1 Working Group that is currently formally standardizing xAPI. We wrote the successful PAR for P9274.4.1 and are currently writing PAR 9274.4.2 for xAPI Cybersecurity.
  • We are contracted under a BAA at the Advanced Distributed Learning Initiative at the US Department of Defense to build the specifications and reference model of the Data Analytics and Visualization Environment for xAPI and the Total Learning Architecture. We are also currently contracted by ADL to build the DATASIM digital twins modeler for xAPI-enabled ecosystems.
  • We provided the first demonstration of xAPI implemented in cross-platform immersive learning involving the use of concurrent streams of xAPI data via digital simulation and wearable technology at I/ITSEC 2014. Then we provided the code to run the xAPI IoT demonstration at the 2015 Global City Teams Challenge hosted by NIST and US Ignite.