We like to stay ahead of the curve. That's why we take on complex prototyping opportunities. And because the results of this research finds its way into our commercial products, our customers gain a direct benefit from the work we're doing on the edge.


From the Lab


Alpha LESI

Customer: HP, Inc.

The predictive analytics capabilities of this custom-built educational econometrics dashboard were supported by Yet's first neural network. The data set itself represents decades' worth of World Bank social and economic indicators.

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Alpha LESI


Customer: The Advanced Distributed Learning Initiative

Designed to support modernization efforts within the US DoD's learning enterprise, DATASIM will provide the ability to simulate learning activity at scale to benchmark and stress-test elements of the learning tech ecosystem. The project follows the model of Digital Twins as implemented in supply chain studies.

Learn about DATASIM at 2019 iFEST.



Working Groups and Projects


AI and Adaptive Instructional Systems

  • IEEE LTSC 2247 Working Group
  • P2247.3 Recommended Practices for Evaluation of Adaptive Instructional Systems
  • 2019 Expert Workshop on Data Visualization and Intelligent Tutoring Systems, DEVCOM and Institute for Intelligent Systems
  • Program Board of the 2nd International Conference on Adaptive Instructional Systems at the 22nd International Conference on Human-Computer Interaction

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xAPI and xAPI Profiles

  • IEEE LTSC Technical Advisory Group on xAPI
  • IEEE LTSC 9274 Working Group
  • P9274.1 Recommended Practices for Evaluation of Adaptive Instructional Systems
  • P9274.4.1 Recommended Practice for the Implementation of the Experience Application Programming Interface (API) 1.0.3
  • P9274.4.2 (Forthcoming) Recommended Practice for xAPI Cybersecurity

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Total Learning Architecture

  • Total Learning Architecture (TLA) Working Group, hosted by the Advanced Distributed Learning (ADL) Initiative
  • TLA WG Subcommittee on Learner Data Cybersecurity and PII
  • Contract: Data Analytics and Visualization Environment for xAPI and the Total Learning Architecture, ADL / US DoD
  • Contract: Data and Training Analytics Simulated Input Modeler for the TLA, ADL / US DoD

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Education Data and Global Development

  • Education Data Solutions Roundtable, Global Partnership for Education
  • Field Work: Visit to observe the Education Data practices and Education Management Information System work of the Ministry of Basic and Secondary Education in The Gambia
  • Virtual Exchange: Development of exchange for tech documentation and knowledge management
  • Data Roundtable Report (Forthcoming September 2019 during UN Week)

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